A Little Late To The Party

I am the first to admit that I am a little late to the party with this whole mommy blogging thing.

Little Splodge is already 16 months old and has a little sister on the way. I should have made the effort to do this months over a year ago but alas the joy that is motherhood got the better of me and ever since Little Splodge came along life has been a little bit upside down and I never got round to blogging in any proper way.

But now I am no longer mommy to a tiny newborn whose biggest news was 3 poops an hour for nearly 4 months but am instead mommy to a very inquisitive, very hands on, very playful toddler who has an incredible ability to eat like a horse.

This leads me to my reasons for starting this blog.

1) I regularly find myself having to come up with new, interesting, healthy and low cost recipes for dinner. Not as easy as it might sound.

2) We have discovered the wonder that is “messy play” and it’s incredible ability to entertain a toddler’s mind for more than 30 seconds. Also not as easy as it might sound.


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