Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath

Little Splodge has a bath pretty much every night.

I’d like to say it is a nice calming part of our evening routine that lulls her gently into a state of sleepiness ready for bed.

This is not the case.

Little Splodge is something of a water baby and enjoys nothing more than a good old splash about.

We do encourage a certain amount of play time in the bath and provide her with ample bath toys to help her learn about full and empty, cause and effect and other very important life skills that can only be taught by squirty turtles and colourful buckets.

Tonight, however, little splodge decided that her bath toys just didn’t cut it anymore and instead decided to give our calm and serene already chaotic, plastic octopus filled bath waves large enough that we probably registered as a tropical storm.

Obviously, as any good mother would I got a photo of it.

Bath Time Splashing

I would have got video but, in all honesty, I was too busy trying to avoid being completely soaked.


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