Here Come The Aliens – Colin McNaughton

here come the aliens - colin mcnaughtonWe first discovered Colin McNaughton and this wonderful book when we borrowed the slightly different The Aliens Are Coming! from our local library. Little Splodge loved it but we were unable to find another copy anywhere. As it turns out the book was out of print but Here Come The Aliens! was it’s replacement.

The story is simple to follow, the writing beautifully bouncy with lovely rhymes and the descriptions of the aliens hilarious.

description of the aliens

Little Splodge loves this book and it is always a big hit when it comes out for story time.

We have had to stop reading this book at bedtime though as Little Splodge gets much too excited by it and then won’t sleep.

Overall Here Come The Aliens!  is a fantastic book that introduces children to a wide range of vocabulary while being just disgusting enough for young children to be captivated.

aliens at lunch

As Little Splodge gets older I’m hoping this book will help us with some messy play activities. I’m already planning something along the lines of creating her own alien using papier mache, lots of paint and plenty of things to stick on.


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