Aliens Love Underpants

aliens love underpants cover

Aliens Love Underpants is another one of our library finds.

I’d heard of the book before but knew absolutely nothing about it so when we found it in the kids story box we borrowed it without much expectation.

This book has a wonderful rhyme throughout the text, the pictures are wonderfully bright and often hilarious.

Also the general idea of aliens visiting Earth purely to steal our pants is much more amusing than it initially sounds.

It was daddy who got to read this story to Little Splodge and she was more that happy to help to read the book taking every possible opportunity to get involved and spent most of the story pointing at all the different things on the pages while daddy tried his best to read the story around her hands.

reading with daddy

Although I suspect that her daddy and I enjoyed the actual story a little more than she did (I even had an out loud giggle at a couple of points) Little Splodge definitely enjoyed the pictures in this book and was perfectly happy to sit and look at the book by herself for a little while.


Even though we’ve only read it the once so far I suspect we’re onto a potential favourite with this book and I’m planning to buy a copy for us to keep as soon as possible.



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