Me And Mine (January)

I have been a follower of the lovely Lucy’s Dear Beautiful blog for a while now and always looked forward to the Me and Mine posts but fo some reason never joined in. Now it’s in its second year and we’ve had a serendipitous photo shoot with our girls earlier in the month.

So here’s my chance.

The photographer we went to took some truly beautiful shots and made the children look like perfect little angels.


It is this shot, completely unedited and fresh from the camera, that really shows our family for what it is.



Now, I’m not saying we’re always in a state of utter confusion and disarray … probably only 90% of the time.

Now that you have seen our family at our photographic worst here is a shot that I think our photographer would prefer to be seen by the world




9 thoughts on “Me And Mine (January)

    • To be honest we got really lucky with it. A photographer local to us was having an amazing special offer I just couldn’t resist. The hubby was sort of dragged along (kicking and screaming) for the ride … he really isn’t one to have his photo taken. It’ll be interesting trying to get him to pose for the camera timer for the February picture.

  1. Ahhh, both these photos are amazing, for totally different reasons. I’m always quite partial to an out take type photo, they always hold such amazing memories I think. So glad that you have linked up with us this month, I hope we’ll see you joining in again next month. x

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