Me And Mine (January)

I have been a follower of the lovely Lucy’s Dear Beautiful blog for a while now and always looked forward to the Me and Mine posts but fo some reason never joined in. Now it’s in its second year and we’ve had a serendipitous photo shoot with our girls earlier in the month.

So here’s my chance.

The photographer we went to took some truly beautiful shots and made the children look like perfect little angels.


It is this shot, completely unedited and fresh from the camera, that really shows our family for what it is.



Now, I’m not saying we’re always in a state of utter confusion and disarray … probably only 90% of the time.

Now that you have seen our family at our photographic worst here is a shot that I think our photographer would prefer to be seen by the world




Siblings (January)

December saw a new addition to our little family. Beanie Baby made her appearance on December 1st and once again all blogging activity was put on hold while we adjusted to being a family of four.

Beanie Baby and Little Splodge

Ever since her arrival we have been stunned by the change in our Little Splodge. Overnight she went from being our baby to a fully fledged big sister and boy does she act like it. Splodge clearly loves Beanie Baby. She’s the first person to get attention in the morning, is cuddled constantly and Splodge even tries to help feed her … she’s lifted my top to get Beanie’s milk for her on more than one occasion.

There’s no denying that we have had a few, let’s say, teething problems. Splodge simply doesn’t understand that Beanie is still rather delicate being so new to the world and there have been instances of somewhat overenthusiastic cuddles and pats becoming squeezes and smacks … we’re simply hoping she grows out of that.

We’re sure that this new found sisterly bond will only get stronger as time passes and we can’t wait to see them grow closer as they grow older.


A Little Late To The Party

I am the first to admit that I am a little late to the party with this whole mommy blogging thing.

Little Splodge is already 16 months old and has a little sister on the way. I should have made the effort to do this months over a year ago but alas the joy that is motherhood got the better of me and ever since Little Splodge came along life has been a little bit upside down and I never got round to blogging in any proper way.

But now I am no longer mommy to a tiny newborn whose biggest news was 3 poops an hour for nearly 4 months but am instead mommy to a very inquisitive, very hands on, very playful toddler who has an incredible ability to eat like a horse.

This leads me to my reasons for starting this blog.

1) I regularly find myself having to come up with new, interesting, healthy and low cost recipes for dinner. Not as easy as it might sound.

2) We have discovered the wonder that is “messy play” and it’s incredible ability to entertain a toddler’s mind for more than 30 seconds. Also not as easy as it might sound.