Like Free Books?

Little Splodge loves books and at the tender age of 17 months has over a hundred books on her shelf. But, no matter how many books we seem to have we’re always running out of books to read that we haven’t already read and reread.

So, to keep up with Little Splodge’s love of stories, and in the interest of being thrifty, we’re big fans of our local library here. It is literally round the corner from our house which makes it very easy to get to … even for tiny toddler feet.

Despite popular belief libraries aren’t the draconian halls of silence we’re led to believe and our little library even holds a baby and toddler group where the littles are encouraged to take part in simple arts and craft activities related to a story they just heard.

Sadly, since I’ve been back at work we haven’t been able to get to the group but we still make great use of all the free books to help Little Splodge learn to read and to provide us with a wide range of bedtime stories.

This is this week’s haul of books. At first glance the majority seem somewhat advanced for a one year old but having read two of them at bed time last night they’re proving to be excellent for story time.



Here Come The Aliens – Colin McNaughton

here come the aliens - colin mcnaughtonWe first discovered Colin McNaughton and this wonderful book when we borrowed the slightly different The Aliens Are Coming! from our local library. Little Splodge loved it but we were unable to find another copy anywhere. As it turns out the book was out of print but Here Come The Aliens! was it’s replacement.

The story is simple to follow, the writing beautifully bouncy with lovely rhymes and the descriptions of the aliens hilarious.

description of the aliens

Little Splodge loves this book and it is always a big hit when it comes out for story time.

We have had to stop reading this book at bedtime though as Little Splodge gets much too excited by it and then won’t sleep.

Overall Here Come The Aliens!  is a fantastic book that introduces children to a wide range of vocabulary while being just disgusting enough for young children to be captivated.

aliens at lunch

As Little Splodge gets older I’m hoping this book will help us with some messy play activities. I’m already planning something along the lines of creating her own alien using papier mache, lots of paint and plenty of things to stick on.