12th August 2013 – Meal Plan

Since finding out that we’re expecting our second baby we’ve been on a bit of a money saving drive and every part of the budget that could be cut in some way has been. The food bill has proved one of the easiest places to save some money.

Up until recently we have been guilty of wandering somewhat aimlessly around the supermarket putting things in the trolley that “might be nice” or “we could maybe have that for dinner one day”.

So, the first thing we did was take stock of exactly what we had in the cupboards, fridge, freezer etc and started to come up with meal plans that would use up what we already had rather than buying more food that would inevitably just end up sitting in the cupboard for weeks, if not months, on end.

Once we’d used up the majority of the food in the house I started looking for recipes that were filling, nutritious, family friendly and easy on the wallet. I did suspect I was asking the impossible but as luck would have it at the same sort of time I was really starting to get serious about cutting the food bill there was a lot of media coverage about food banks and families living below the poverty line and the BBC started airing the Great British Budget Menu¬†which suddenly flooded the BBC website with many many recipes that, for the most part, fitted all of my criteria.

The outcome is that for the last few weeks our food bill hasn’t been above ¬£20.

I’m so pleased with how it’s turning out so far that I thought I’d share my weekly meal plans so you too can get a taste of these deliciously thrifty recipes.

All of the recipes in the meal plans link through to the relevant recipe on the internet.

meal plan 12th august 2013