What If She Was A Boy?

I’ve never really made any comment on the gender stereotyping argument that rages on the Internet.

I be truthful I’ve never really given it much thought. Little Splodge has a whole range of toys from dolls, to blocks, to cars.

It’s only now that we’re expecting Beanie Baby that I’m beginning to wonder if we’re treating Little Splodge differently than we would if she was a boy.

For the last few weeks I’ve been wondering about the best way to help Little Splodge realise that there is a new baby coming and what that is going to mean. On multiple occasions I’ve caught myself online looking at doll prams, doll cots even a doll high chair to get for when Beanie Baby arrives so that Little Splodge can look after her baby while I take care of Beanie Baby.

Would I be creating what is essentially a doll’s nursery if Little Splodge was a boy or am I unintentionally trying to make Little Splodge into a girly girl?